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A Dicey Job: Dicing a Mango!

If you are avoiding adding mangoes to your recipe because they turn to mush

when you try to cut them up, stay tuned!


I was taught this technique by a friend of a friend for whom I cooked dinner several years ago. After she saw me struggling with cutting up my mango for black bean mango salsa I was making for grilled salmon, she showed me this technique. She later told me that she was a sous chef for Alice Waters at Chez Panisse!







Stand the mango on end and slice it lengthwise just about in half, alongside the large pit.


Cut the other side off the pit in the same way.


Hold one of the halves in your hand and make crisscross cuts almost down to the skin


Now, bend the mango backwards so that your scores pop up


At this point, simply cut the mango away from the skin with a slice and there you have





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